About HostRooster: What it is and how it works

You can host anything, anywhere, so guests can enjoy everything, everywhere.

A community designed for connection

HostRooster was born in 2019 from the collaboration of two visionary hosts who established a bold presence in the Caribbean, offering warm hospitality to guests in search of a place to call home. Fast forward to today, and Hosts and guests alike now have the incredible opportunity to be part of the vibrant HostRooster community and create free HostRooster accounts. Together, we are fostering unique perspectives and creating memorable journeys that span the globe.

Distinctive stays, Immersive Experiences, Thrilling Adventures, and more

From charming cottages to sophisticated penthouses, our Hosts are delighted to open their doors. Whether it’s a business trip, a weekend escape, a family getaway, or an extended visit, an array of remarkable destinations awaits exploration.

And then there are HostRooster Experiences—captivating activities led by local experts, either in-person or online. From mastering the art of cooking to horse whispering, our Experience Hosts share their passion for music, animals, culture, and much more.

Our local guides lead small groups off the beaten path into uncharted territories with HostRooster Adventures, providing immersive and unforgettable expeditions.

Reliable services for peace of mind

We’re dedicated to ensuring your HostRooster experience is seamless and gratifying. Here’s how we’re working to help make you feel secure and protected:

  • Verified personal profiles and listings
  • Smart messaging for Hosts and guests to safely communicate with confidence
  • A trusted platform for collecting and transferring payments

To learn more about our steadfast commitment to your safety, consult our comprehensive Help Center.

Got questions? Get answers in our Help Center. Discover insights on finding accommodations, payment procedures, and more.

Our Hosts and guests are always on the move, and so are we. Our global Community Support team is here to support you. If you require assistance with rebooking, refunds, reimbursements, and more, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

The journey continues

We’re eager to welcome you to the HostRooster community. Here’s a comprehensive guide to get you started.

Interested in sharing your space? Learn how to become a host for stays or how to curate a captivating Experience.

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